delete skype history

Now its becoming a more complicated issue as to protect your personal messages or delete some unwanted messages when using social media as a source of communication. Of course, you want to delete the conversation when finished chatting because now hacking is becoming much popular trend and people enjoy cracking softwares and getting into your personal data. Here i am going to tell you how to delete the message history on skype as i saw a lot of people feeling uncomfortable with this problem. Just follow these simple steps and stop worrying about secret conversation.

When you sign into your skype account you will see different options on the menu bar. From the menu bar click on 'tools' and click 'options'.
When you click on options you will see a menu like this

skype privacy settings
From this menu choose the third option 'privacy settings' and choose from the drop down history button, select 'no history' if you want to delete all the history and then press clear history button. This will delete all your data including text messages, images, audio and video conversations. I hope this short tutorial will help you out. please let me know if this doesn't work for you, i will reply on your comment as soon as i can.


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