record screen
Here i am going to show you how you can record your screen or how you can simply create video tutorials. Well many of you guys may be still trying to download software to record your tutorials and many of you still thinking of how to download the software and which software will be the best.  I have found a great tool which i am going to share with you and hope this will help you out. Follow the steps and enjoy recording your video.

1. Install Google Chrome if you have not installed yet.
2. Visit
3. search for Screencastify extension for Chrome.

4. click on screencastify first option as seen in the above picture

5. Now click on the Add To Chrome blue button to install this extension.
6. Once this extension is installed you will see a well come page.

desktop video recording
Now click on the get started button 
Once the extension is installed you can select wheather you want to save this video in your local computer or you want to save it on google drive.
you will see the black logo on top right of your chrome. Click the button to view and start the recording.
You can select weather you want to record your tab only or you want to record the whole desktop. 


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