safe facebook from hacking

Its very easy step to sign up a new facebook account and share everything over the internet. But the most thoughtful thing is to think weather your data is protected or not. Now a days there are a lot of tools and techniques that are being used to hack facebook account. Firstly hacking a facebook account is not very easy but for those working with 1's and 0's meaning programming is not a difficult task.

        There are a lot of softwares and tools available online to hack into an account but they are now an older process. People now a days trying to hack facebook account through facebook applications. Applications like playing games which have a direct link to your facebook account. People create fake applications asking you to enter your facebook email and password and once you enter your account details they receive your email and password and enter into your account.

       So protect yourself from signing in to these kind of applications which asks you to give access to your personal data. Whenever you find an application like this try not to enter your facebook details but be aware to sign up for a new account with a new email and password. This way no one can take your account details and your account will be safe from hacking.


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