Skype is a very trustworthy and reliable desktop application for online video and audio calling. Skype lets you connect with your loved ones and also helps you transfer files. Sometimes it happens that you may block someone for a temporary basis and if you don't know how to unblock him, here is how you can do it very easily. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your skype acount
  2. On the top toolbar menu click on 'tools' and then click 'options' a popup window will appear which shows different options
  3. From the left menu click on 'privacy'
  4. Under privacy settings you will see 'blocked contacts' option
  5. Click on blocked contacts and you will see the blocked contacts on the right
  6. click on the name to unblock the specific person.
This is how you can simply unblock any blocked contact on your Skype account. Here is how you can delete Skype message history: Delete Skype Message History


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